# Snapshots

FWCloud-UI allows taking snapshots of the current state of the clouds.

To take a new snapshot or manage them press the Snapshot option in the top menu of FWCloud-UI.

Snapshots Menu

A form is presented showing the previous snapshots taken or an exclamation icon if there is no snapshots. Press Do a snapshot of the current FWCloud button in this windows to start

Snapshots Empty

You will be required to enter the name for the snapshot and an optional comment

Snapshots Form

and the snapshot will be generated in background. Once is done you can close the form.


If you have taken snapshots previously you can manage them from the same Snapshot option.


From there you can select a snapshot and restore the cloud to that state pressing the button Restore.

Snapshots restore

FWCloud-UI will ask if you want to take a snapshot of the current state before to proceed.


When restoring you can see how the progress is going on in the form


When the process is done you can close the window Snapshots

You will see a pop up message indicating the restore from the snapshot has been done successfully


No needed snapshots can be deleted. Select the snapshot from the form ans clik Delete button

Snapshots Delete

This action requires confirmation since it cannot be undone.

Delete Snapshot Confirmation