# Sections and panels

The FWCloud-UI is divided in two main blocks:

UI sections

In the top one you can select from the drop down menu the FWCloud, if more than one has been defined for the user your are log in, you are going to work with. All the actions and components are related to the selected FWCloud.

On the right of this option you can go to the Policy, VPN, Snapshots or Configuration sections.

The bottom block will change depending if your are in Policy or VPN section.

Policy section is the default one when you log in FWCloud-UI. In this case the bottom block is divided into two more panels. On the left panel you have a searching box and three sections you can unfold and fold as your convenience, Firewalls , Objects and Services . They are explained on detail in their on section of this help.

Snapshots and Configuration sections will open a new pop up windows. Snapshots are covered in its own section. In the Configuration windows you can set up Customers, Users, Reset password and Backup & Restore